A new art form was born. Cyber hiphop art

We watched art being consumed in a new format in the NFT market.The heat of the NFT market has cooled down a lot. However, the NFT market is still evolving. The emergence of NFTs in the art market is of great significance. A new change has taken place in the market's evaluation of works of art. Until now, the market has treated digital art as cheap art. However, with the advent of the NFT market, new values are being given to digital art. As the art market evolves, new art movements are emerging alongside these trends. One of them is the 'cyber hip hop movement'. Cyber hip-hop art is a mix of pop art, animation and music videos.

The reason why cyber hip-hop art is attracting attention is that it is in sync with the changes in the digital art world triggered by NFTs and the metaverse. The world of art is full of freedom. But the art market is not free. In order for a work of art to have high value, it must have high scores in three factors. The artist's value, the gallery's response, and the critic's evaluation. Until now, digital art has been cheap. The works of developers, game designers, webtoon writers, and illustrators did not receive better reviews than those of pure artists. Galleries ignored their works, and critics did not evaluate them.

There was a huge wall in the art market. This wall was broken down and a work of new value was born. It is NFT Art (Crypto Art). The emergence of the NFT market has shown that digital art can have a high value in the market. A big change has come to the art market. (This does not mean that the existing art market has changed. It means that a new type of market has been created) Times have changed. Pictures made with computer technology have value in the market. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok serve as critics and galleries.

Cyber ​​hip-hop art reflects these changes of the times. It is a daily routine for the MZ generation to watch short choreography videos of less than one minute.
Cyber ​​hip hop art is a unique art in 1 minute MV format. New art for the MZ generation. In a 1-minute video, not only the artistry of the picture is important, but also the technical features such as storytelling, digital music, and animation composition.

The representative cyber hip-hop artist is 'WD'. He is leading this art movement. His representative works include the 'Cyber Suit Exploring the Art World' series. A one-minute animated music video featuring great pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Basquiat, and Keith Haring wearing cyber suits and flying around their art world. The music in this music video is also his original music created with computer programs and artificial intelligence.

1. What is the cyber hip hop art movement?

It is an art movement to lead the digital art market that started with the advent of nft. Cyber hip-hop is a one-minute piece of art that spreads through social media, and not only pictures, but also stories, music, and animations are important elements. Future society, such as robots and drone neon signs, is an important element of art. Unlike dystopian cyberpunk, the subject of art is a bright future such as 'fun, coolness, and freedom'. Cyber hip hop artists have an expectation that the technologically advanced future society will be fun, cool and free. The motto of the cyber hip-hop movement is 'Technology that gives freedom, fun and wisdom to humans is the best technology'.

2. Who are you?

Cyber hip hop art is the art of people in the IT industry who use computer technology, such as developers, game designers, and animators. Our team are true cyber artists who do both technology and art. My team has been running an SNS startup for 4 years. SNS data platform obtained patents in the United States and South Korea.
We are working on 3 art projects. We have completed 20 'Cyber Suit Series' in the last 5 months. Also we finished the Generative art project. We plan to release 5000 to 10000 images. We also launched our own original characters, 'Neon Bear' and ' Lophorina superba'.

3. How do you expect the art market to change?

The digital art market will grow. The field that the art world and the IT industry are showing interest in now is artificial intelligence and the metaverse.
In just two years, the level of artificial intelligence art has risen remarkably. It is to the extent that AI works can be used commercially. The harmony between hand-drawn and artificial intelligence will be important. For original characters, we put 'original mark' and 'handmade' signatures. In the future, the question of how to evaluate the value of digital art will come to mind. I wonder how the market will evaluate the new art form. A painting with a unique style and story will be liked by the market and the public.
Artists will have to work like film directors. Artists will have to acquire and coordinate various skills such as storytelling, arranging, and scene composition.

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